Application Information

Current research plans - provide a brief description of current research plans and general research interests. If you have published the results of your research or presented them at professional meetings include this information here as well (maximum 2500 characters).

Background - include the following information: current academic status and institutional affiliation, degrees earned stating the study program, university and year of graduation, a brief list of relevant classes and workshops taken, self-assessment of proficiency in statistical methods and programming in R and other environments, ability to communicate in English (maximum 2000 characters including spaces).

Motivation - explain why the topics addressed by the workshop are of special interest to you and to what extent these subjects are taught at your current academic institution (maximum 1000 characters including spaces).

Logistical Assistance - tell us about any other issues with which you may need assistance (e.g., entry visa to Germany, disabilities, etc.) (maximum 1000 characters including spaces).

Recommendation Letter - indicate the name and email address of the academic advisor who will provide the letter. Note: A recommendation letter must be provided by the applicant's academic advisor and uploaded separately. The advisor will be notified about the login information as soon as you submit the application. Recommendation letters should give details about the applicant's abilities and personality, not just academic credentials. Obtaining a recommendation from anyone who is not an advisor must be explained.

Important! Although we hope to have escaped the pandemic by August 2022, the situation remains uncertain. Therefore, we will only accept participants who are fully vaccinated with a vaccine that is accepted within the EU (check here: accepted vaccines). However, we want to support as many students as possible - so there will also be the chance to join remotely.