Analytical Paleobiology
Workshop 2022

Application for the Analytical Paleobiology Workshop 2022, University of Erlangen–Nuremberg, Erlangen, Germany
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*Highest degree completed
Provide a brief description of current research plans and general research interests. If you have published the
results of your research or presented them at professional meetings include this information here as well.
>>>>Be sure to indicate if you have submitted an NAPC abstract.<<<< - maximum 2500 characters
*Current research plans
Include the following information in the background field (maximum 2000 characters):
1. current academic status and institutional affiliation,
2. degrees earned stating the study program, university and year of graduation,
3. brief list of relevant classes and workshops taken,
4. self-assessment of proficiency in R (knowledge of other programming environments should be indicated as well),
5. ability to communicate in English
Explain why the topics addressed by the workshop are of special interest to you
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Explain your anticipated financial needs and list sources of funding for which you plan to apply to attend the course.
Tell us also about any other issues with which you may need assistance such as entry visa to Germany, disabilities, etc.
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*Financial Aid and
Logistical Assistance
A recommendation letter must be provided by the applicant's academic advisor and uploaded separately.
This should give details about the applicant's abilities and personality, not just academic credentials.
Recommendation letters are also due on March 2, 2020.
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If your recommender is not your academic advisor, please explain briefly why you have not selected your
primary advisor to be your letter writer and explain your academic relationship to the recommender.
>>>>You can mention here the decision letter from the Organizing Committee 2020<<<<
Secondary advisor or decision letter 2020
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